The coolest design hotels in Vienna

"Excuse me, do you know where the hotel in Köllnerhofgasse is?" Even native Viennese are often stumped, because even if you know the narrow alley next to the Fleischmarkt, you won't find a hotel here.
"Hollmann's Beletage" is not a classic hotel, but rather a jewel box that surprises with its reduced design and offers a lot, just not a hotel entrance. Once you have found your way through the inconspicuous entrance to the Beletage, a world of its own opens up: lovingly designed down to the smallest detail, curious eye-catchers in unexpected places and a warm welcome. Internationally, this sought-after boutique hotel is probably better known than among Viennese themselves, despite being located in the heart of the city centre.

Hotel against the vacancy

Similarly unknown is the "Grätzlhotel Karmelitermarkt", whose individually designed suites are located in former business premises. The hostels are puristically designed, reflecting a certain retro chic, and yet you don't have to do without any comfort. The "Grätzlhotel" is a project of the "Urbanauts", who have made it their goal to convert empty business premises into hotel rooms.

Retro chic and elegance

However, cheeky and modern design is also available bigger and flashier. Colourful and quirky is the "25hours Hotel Wien", which has collected a variety of retro furniture, graffiti and crazy decoration. The hotel is located in the former student dormitory
at Weghuberpark in the direct vicinity of the Volkstheater and is best known to Viennese for its rooftop bar, the "Dachboden". Just a few steps away is the hotel "Sans Souci", which as a luxury hotel appeals to a completely different clientele, but is equally appreciated by design lovers for its elegant and playful interior. The restaurant offers top-class cuisine with local ingredients, the bar entices with a champagne selection that is second to none.
We stay in the seventh district, where the "Max Brown" has recently opened. Israeli youth culture is celebrated here, the highlight being the restaurant "Seven North", designed by star chef Eyal Shani. High-quality basic ingredients are brought to the table in a cheerfully loud ambience. The British star designer Sir Terence Conran designed the hip "Guesthouse" opposite the Albertina. The Brasserie & Bakery's breakfast is particularly appreciated by the sometimes prominent clientele. In the chic garden you can enjoy a coffee or aperitif and watch the horse-drawn carriages rumble by.

Sailing ship on the roof

Das Triest" has become a classic among Vienna's design hotels, appealing to friends of clean lines and simple elegance. Among them are a number of stars from the international music scene, including Robbie Williams, who was welcomed at the Wiedner Hauptstraße. A hidden gem is the picturesque inner courtyard, which is also used by the restaurant "Collio" with its Mediterranean cuisine. Hotel Daniel" near the main station offers modern urban cuisine, ranging from burgers and steaks to pastry classics. The only question that remains is what a melting sailing ship is doing on the roof of the hotel. The best person to answer this question is Erwin Wurm, one of Austria's most important contemporary artists, whose installation on the hotel's roof spans the gap between modern hotel design and the artistic avant-garde.

The 10 best design hotels

Hollmanns Beletage, Köllnerhofgasse 6, 1010 Vienna
Grätzlhotel Karmelitermarkt, Große Sperlgasse 6, 1020 Vienna
Sans Souci,Burggasse 2, 1070 Vienna
25hours, Lerchenfelder Str. 1/3, 1070 Vienna
Guesthouse, Führichgasse 10, 1010 Vienna
Daniel, Landstraßer Gürtel 5, 1030 Vienna
The Trieste, Wiedner Hauptstraße 12, 1040 Vienna
Max Brown Hotel 7th district, Schottenfeldgasse 74, 1070 Vienna
Hotel Altstadt Vienna, Kirchengasse 41, 1070 Vienna
Hotel Schani Salon, Mariahilfer Straße 58, 1070 Vienna

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