Uncompromising wine fans

Symbiosis of success

Through the symbiosis of the experiences of the two successful founders from different worlds, PUR became one of the best wineries in Austria and internationally within a very short time:
the Formula 1 of wine as a benchmark.

Christian Klingler

Born in Innsbruck in 1968, studied business administration and worked for many years as a top manager in the automotive industry. At a young age, he followed the example of his father, who was always enthusiastic about good wine, and began consistently collecting wine. During his professional years in France, Klingler's love for good food and the best wines was further refined. At some point, the idea was born to create a very special red wine in Austria, and with Johannes Trapl, the ideal partner was found for this ambitious project, which celebrated its premiere with the 2012 vintage. Since 2012, the red wines have been produced at the Spitzerberg in Carnuntum. When the opportunity arose in 2014 to purchase 5 hectares in the Wachau region, he jumped at the chance.
In the course of his successful career, Mr. Christian Klingler has been first in many steps, sometimes the youngest, but often the most successful - always with a strong orientation towards quality, sustainability, creativity and a search for the best. His other entrepreneurial activities and investments are characterized by innovation and consistency. Actually, the experiences and the worlds of the two could hardly be more different. But the common dream of wanting to make the best wine, the mutual respect, the use of the respective strengths, the passionate search for the best and the creative success-oriented teamwork enable top performances.

Johannes Trapl

Born in 1978 in Stixneusiedl in the Carnuntum wine region to the east of Vienna, has long been one of Austria's renowned vintners. After graduating from the viticulture school in Klosterneuburg in 1998, Trapl completed an internship in California. In 2003, the young winemaker returned home to set up his own business.

In the 2004 vintage, he produced a red wine for the first time from purchased grapes from Blaufränkisch grapes grown on the Spitzerberg. A terroir that is predestined for the variety in Carnuntum like no other. While the majority of winemakers in Carnuntum focused on Blaue Zweigelt, Trapl began to explore the enormous potential of the Spitzerberg. After Johannes Trapl was able to win the renowned Falstaff red wine award with the Blaufränkisch Spitzerberg in 2004, the attention of wine lovers was quickly focused on the talent from Carnuntum.

Johannes Trapl practices viticulture based on biodynamics and organic criteria and is a great supporter of the Regenative Food movement from the USA. Since 2014, Johannes Trapl has been producing the top white and red wines of the PUR brand together with Christian Klingler with great sensitivity and passion.