Long Weekend in Mittelburgenland

The sun shines longer and more intensely here, and it is therefore not surprising that the Mittelburgenland is called "sun country". A special wine, a lot of culture and special people also make this region of the diverse country something extraordinary. We start the Saturday with an extended fork breakfast in the butcher's shop Imbiss Kuzmits in Oberpullendorf. From Fiakergulasch to dry-aged pasture geese, you feast hearty here.
Strengthened in body and soul, we go to the master of blue printing. Joseph Koó's small business in Steinberg has existed for three generations, and the workshop is one of the last in Europe where fabrics are dyed with indigo blue. In the past, blue print fabrics were used for everyday and work clothes in Burgenland, but today you can take beautiful fabrics, aprons or cooking gloves home with you.
So much fabric art makes you hungry, so we stop off at the "Schmyede" restaurant. Here, regional ingredients, herbs and edible flowers from the inn garden set the tone. Of course you should have a glass of wine, because you are in Blaufränkischland after all, and the red wine variety with the many talents is a must.
We start the afternoon with music and cultural enjoyment. What could be better than a visit to the Liszt Centre in Raiding. In the immediate vicinity of Franz Liszt's birthplace, you can enjoy a top-class cultural programme in the modern concert hall, visit the museum or simply stroll in the park. We marvel at the sunset in style on the terrace of the K+K Kirnbauer winery in Deutschkreutz.
Special food for dinner? Then Deutschkreutz is also the place to be. In the "Schenk'haus" of the Strehn winery you can try delicacies from sheep or goose maki with fine wines. If you have always wanted to rest your head in an aristocratic ambience, the "Gästehaus Zum Oberjäger" in Lackenbach Castle is the right place for you. Modern comforts are complemented by historical furniture, making the rooms unique. They have names like mulberry, rose or dragonfly room and invite you to dream.
Sunday starts with an organic breakfast made from Pannatura products. The first small cultural programme of the day takes place in the museum of the castle, where we are on the trail of nature. It is not far to Vinatrium, the regional wine cellar, where a vinophile panorama of tastes opens up to the visitor. More than 400 wines from 50 winegrowers of the Blaufränkisch region are stored in the wine cellar, and a tasting is heaven on earth for wine enthusiasts.
We are also close to heaven at the "Gasthof zur Traube" in Neckenmarkt, a slow food restaurant with an original menu (e.g. spring roll of goose). Would you like to say goodbye to culture? Lockenhaus Castle is not only home to the music that star violinist Gidon Kremer brought to the town, the knight's castle is also an experience for all those who want to immerse themselves in the world of the Knights Templar and the Blood Countess, maximum creepy factor and cosy meal in the castle tavern included.

Mittelburgenland Shortlist

Celebrity tip from Michael Pammesberger
"My favorite thing is to roam through nature, on foot, by bike, with the Schwammerlsackl or just because. At the Landsee ruin, Maria Horvath's 'Café Pur' is recommended. What started out as a small place soon turned into a veritable café confectionery with all the trimmings, thanks to the delicious cakes and Burgenland wedding cookies. With a large wine selection and a wonderful view. And wine is the best in our region anyway. You walk through the vineyards, with a bit of luck you'll see bee-eaters fluttering around you. Then you go for a good meal in the 'Traube', you can also spend the night there. And fill the trunk the next day with Blaufränkisch etc. at the surrounding vintners. Good plan."
pur-landsee.at, zurtraube.at
ERSCHIENEN IN Burgenland Special 2019

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