Long Weekend in Southern Burgenland

We start the weekend with a journey into the past. Namely, we go back to the year 1860: This is where the story begins in Bernstein, which is famous worldwide for the green shimmering semi-precious stone precious serpentine. In the rock museum not only the history of mining is shown, but also a collection of the most beautiful works of art of precious serpentine. After a small refreshment in the confectionery "Kaplan am Kurpark" you continue to a cultivated round of golf. The "Reiters Golf & Country Club" offers a 27-hole golf course. Alternatively, you can go for a hike or a bike ride through the Wart - a stretch of land around the Pinka river. The lived multilingualism of this region and its eventful history are the focus of the poetic "Lebenswart" adventure trail.
In the evening we stop at the restaurant "Ratschen" of the winery Wachter-Wiesler. Stefan Csar and Bernd Konrath, two of the best chefs in Burgenland, cook here. The menu features southern Burgenland soul food: authentic dishes with ingredients fresh from the forest, the river or the field. And since we are already on the subject of wine: Spend the night at Eisenberg in one of three beautiful wine lofts. Here you wake up to a breathtaking view over the vineyards and the Pannonian lowlands.

130 years of baking tradition

Saturday begins with breakfast at the "Wolf" in Güssing, one of the best bakeries in Burgenland, perhaps in all of Austria - no wonder, with a baking tradition that goes back almost 130 years. Bauernstangerl" and "Grammelpogatscherl" are the first refreshments for the walk up to Güssing Castle.
The morning is ideally suited for a short detour to the cellar district on the Stifterberg and Zeinerberg above Heiligenbrunn. Of course, much of southern Burgenland revolves around wine, and you should know where the origins lie. 141 cellar-like buildings can be discovered here, some of them covered with straw and in use since the 18th century. But the cellar district is not a museum, so a guided tour is recommended, which is offered by appointment. For a late lunch, the choice of Buschenschanken in the area is huge.
Afterwards a walk is recommended: through the astrosophical garden at "An-Alapanka-Ma" in Eltendorf-Zahling - a place of special peace and power. The garden is - as you might expect - not a conventional one. It is 3.2 hectares in size and consists of twelve parts, each of which is assigned to a sign of the zodiac. Wild roses grow here and fields of gentian blossom in harmony with art objects. Fantastic! It's a good 15 kilometres from here to the next stop on this exciting day: "Gernot's Gasthaus zum Hof" in Jennersdorf.

Hike to the border triangle

We have chosen "Das Eisenberg" for our overnight stay. And so we wake up in the midst of beautiful nature, nestled in the rolling hills of southern Burgenland. The best of the region is served for breakfast, after which we are ready for the hike to the border triangle. Our destination is the marble border obelisk in the middle of a forest clearing. This marks the exact point where Austria, Hungary and Slovenia meet.
Anyone who has travelled through three countries brings a big appetite with them. How good that the "Kirchenwirt" of the Schardl family is not far away. A look at the menu shows why the inn is popular beyond the country's borders. After a hearty lunch, culture is once again the order of the day in the afternoon: exciting exhibitions are always on display at Tabor Castle. Just around the corner is the Donner Ostrich Farm, where we buy some souvenirs for those left at home before heading home.

South Burgenland Shortlist

Celebrity tip from Thomas Stipsits
My culinary tip is the "Gasthaus Stumpfel" in Markt Allhau. There the boss personally serves a cordon bleu every day, but not filled with ham, but with smoked meat. Everything from the region! Also very good is the Erdapfelstrudel from my grandma from Stinatz. But you can only order it in advance, so if you ask nicely, she will make you a tray. Just ask for Nana in Stinatz.
ERSCHIENEN IN Burgenland Special 2019

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